PEN015: Arsenije Jovanović – Sailboat Galiola Nuria’s Unfinished Logbook LP $20

Pentiments gladly welcomes the preeminent Serbian sound artist, writer and director Arsenije Jovanović back to its proceedings with the premiere of a powerful new work produced in his 90th year. Being preceded by a body of now classic radio productions as well as involvements with the films of directors like Terrence Malick, Sailboat Galiola Nuria’s Unfinished Logbook is apropos in taking on the dense and confluent form of a partial recollection of the voices of his artistic past (his 1967 radio piece Prayer For One Galiola haunts the surface most clearly) as they are weaved through waves of sonic-cinematic flotsam that proffer the profound and the picturesque as they pass. The tumultuous relations of memory and consciousness take the foreground in Arsenije’s notes on the piece and sketch in turn a nautical phenomenology that renders the abyssal depths of sea and self as one—a sound leads through the haze as a foghorn while we tread the surface. Faithful to the nature of maritime faring in its lapping voluptuousness and enveloping kinetic force, Arsenije’s latest effort achieves a sonic transmutation of voyage-as-ceaseless-compenetration with a command that can only be described as the mark of a master. 

In an edition of 100 copies with full color jacket and liner notes by Arsenije Jovanović. Mastered by Anne Taegert at Dubplates & Mastering.