PEN008: Guido Gamboa - A Droll LP (sold out at source)

Leoncavallo’s Pagliaccio and Busoni’s Arlecchino find themselves living together in a small studio apartment in the city. After some time, they become as one. Between themselves, a hazy lineage of clowns, fools, jokesters, pranksters, vagrants, invalids, losers, cuckolds, perverts, criminals and masturbators takes form. Motley fabrics are strewn crisscross along the living room floor; magic tricks are attempted. Half an hour of concrète vignettes with what seems to be a hobbyist occasionally heard in the foreground.

Edition of 57 standard LPs housed in a linen bound wood panel with photo print attached to front and three 5×7” postcards included. Edition of 11 “art” versions of the LP housed in impasto style oil painted wood panels with unique polaroid affixed to center, three 5×7” postcards and a clear full-color-labeled 5” lathe cut record that contains two supplementary audio pieces.

Standard Edition: $15
“Art” Edition: $30

Photos of all editions are below and audio-video preview is at the bottom. (Best effort was made to accurately document all colors and textures, though some details have been lost that will hopefully be more apparent when received and viewed in person):

Standard Edition LP
Standard Edition LP
1/11 (sold)
1/11 Detail (sold)
2/11 (sold)
2/11 Detail (sold)
3/11 (sold)
3/11 Detail (sold)
4/11 (sold)
4/11 Detail (sold)
5/11 (sold)
5/11 Detail (sold)
6/11 (sold)
6/11 Detail (sold)
7/11 (sold)
7/11 Detail (sold)
8/11 (sold)
8/11 Detail (sold)
9/11 (sold)
9/11 Detail (sold)
10/11 (sold)
10/11 Detail (sold)
11/11 (sold)
11/11 Detail (sold)
5" Lathe Cut Record