PEN006: Bridgeport Theater Group - Abandonminium LP (in stock) $15

“or so they said.
they would do anything for success and popularity.
being an ” artist” in America.
the supremacist parlances of the charlatan.
R.I.P. Larry Spider.
When Spiderman met Micky mouse.
When spiderman fucked miniature-mouse.
this is the final sad “haha”.
the great millennial “haha”.
the laughter of a nobody.
a cold alienated cackle emerges from a cloud of coca-cola smoke. they have all but accepted
the immeasurable embraces of the neo- fashionably conservative .
yours truly is an art of pathetic withholdings.
your trulys is the art of supremacist and the charlatan.
i am neither, could defintley be either.
in remembrance of the moment when Peter Friel met Larry Spider in the McDonald’s on 31st and Halsted.
where it all began ,where it all ended.
where it all began , wher e it all ended.
we are no longer friends because of this art show i put together.
all my ” art” friends now hate me.
i am no longer within what previously qualified as an artistic friendship.
we work together sometimes, but mostly hate eatch other.
we come togehter on occasions where the spirits moves yous .
we are no longer on the speaking terms.
Larry Spider is now more.
Larry Spider is an always-has-been.
both of these guys are loosers.
emo vs. emo.
“neo-pastisch” – do not cut it.
a series of plays set in America, the legendary and dis-credited backwater.
The current Soliloquy of the hasbeen.”

Edition of 108 with unique handmade art covers, offset printed back cover, inserts and full color labels, mastered by Sean McCann.